Firstly, you and/or your agent need to contact Auzzie Families Homestay Care as soon as possible should you have any issues and/or concerns with your homestay family. Our friendly staff will assist you in working through any issues and discussing them together with you and the host, where necessary.

Generally, a minimum of 2 weeks written notice must be given to Auzzie Families by you and/or your agent or your host to terminate the homestay contract. Either party will be entitled to a payment / refund of up to 2 weeks homestay fees if the full notice period is not adhered to. Please note: the two weeks notice does not apply during the initial four weeks probation period. In addition, notice may be waived if agreement is reached by both parties or under instruction from the Education Provider.(in which case, notice will not be applicable.)

Relocation fees will apply after the initial probationary period of four weeks. The party liable for the relocation costs will be determined on the circumstances.

Rules for a sleepover vary depending on your Education Provider. For an under 18 student attending public high school, a sleepover is permitted with another homestay family registered with Auzzie Families and/or another registered homestay provider approved by the Department of Education.

Approval must be sought from Auzzie Families prior to the sleepover.
For all other under 18 student’s, you must seek approval for a sleepover from your Education Provider and they will notify Auzzie Families once the arrangement is approved.

If you prefer to stay up late in your room, this is okay, as long as you are quiet. No one appreciates being kept awake at night. Everyone has different sleep and study patterns. You need to work out what works best with your host. Just remember that you need to get up for school/university so studying late at night should not impact on your attendance.

Yes, it is polite to inform your host that you will be going out and when you intend to return. You need to inform your host if you will not be home for any meals in advance (preferably before 3:00pm). Generally, a sleepover is not permitted unless you are over 18 years old and have pre-arranged with your host family on special occasions.

Auzzie Families must know your whereabouts at all times. Please notify Auzzie Families immediately of any travel you are proposing.

As a general rule, an under 18 student is not allowed to travel in Australia or overseas (apart from their home country) with their relatives and/or friends without a written consent from their Education Provider and their parents.

Students maybe able to travel within Australia with their parents on approval from their Education Provider.

Please contact Auzzie Families and your International Coordinator/Student Guardian for further advice should you wish to travel.

In case of illness or injury, please inform your host immediately. For a minor illness such as flu and cough, please go to your local doctor directly and/or ask your host to take you to see them if they are available. You will be responsible for all costs related to your illness though some of the costs may be claimed back through your health insurance.

For any serious illness, your host family will take you to the local hospital to get emergency care for you. Your host will notify Auzzie Families. Your Learning institution and your agent and/or parents will then be notified immediately. Your health insurance will cover most of the costs associated with the hospital.

You will need to obtain a medical certificate for any time off during your normal school term when visiting a doctor and/or hospital. Please ensure to provide them to your Learning Institution to ensure your attendance is maintained to meet your visa requirements.

The minimum period for homestay is 4 weeks. For a long term homestay student, there is an initial 4 week probationary period which allows either party to request a move without incurring relocation costs during this time.

If you are under 18 years old, you need to seek approval from your Education Provider prior to any relocation and/or under the homestay contract, after the first 4 weeks.

Host families are required to provide you with breakfast and dinner every day and lunches on weekends. However, if you attend a Public High School, lunch will be provided for you during the week as well.

Some universities may have special arrangements with Auzzie Families where week day lunches will also be provided.

Please refer to your student handbook and contact your International Coordinator at school if you are not sure about lunches. Breakfast and Lunch are both self-serve.

It is not common to have a cooked breakfast every day in Australia. A typical breakfast may include juice, cereal, fruit and bread/toast with various spreads. Lunch during the week will often be a sandwich or 2 with various fillings such as cold meat, cheese and salad. Along with a piece of fruit and perhaps some small snacks.

In Australia, it is acceptable to ask members of the family to undertake domestic chores and share the responsibility of the household chores, provided other children and/or members of family in the home also do chores.

A homestay student will be treated as a family member with certain responsibilities for household chores. Chores can rotate from week to week or are fixed such as setting the table/washing the dishes everyday.

During your orientation, the host will discuss with you their house rules and expectations. If you do not feel comfortable in performing any of your assisgned chores, please communicate with your host or contact Auzzie Families.

It is your responsibility to keep your own room clean and tidy & clean up the common areas after use. This is expected of all students regardless of your age or gender.

Laundry arrangements differ in each household. Your host will discuss these with you during the orientation when you first arrive at the homestay.

Some hosts may be happy to do your wash every week, while others may ask you to do your own washing. Listen carefully to the house rules and have an open discussion with your host about the laundry arrangements.

Generally, due to water restrictions, a maximum of two loads per week is permitted should you wish to do your own washing.

Please note: it is always expected that students iron their own school uniform each week. Should you wish to hand-wash any personal items, please ensure you wipe up any excess water on the floor and/or benches after you handwash and NEVER hang wet washing in your bedroom, bathroom or use the clothes dryer without permission.

As a general rule, all money matters should be dealt directly with Auzzie Families. Students should not approach the host regarding any money matters. If any money related issues should occur, please contact Auzzie Families.

If your host takes their own children everyday to the same school as you attend, it is up to them as to whether they give you a lift as well.