All homestay bookings are for a minimum of four weeks, so you must stay with the original family for at least this period unless a serious incident occurred during your initial four weeks’ stay. In this instance, a transfer to a second homestay family will be arranged with no extra cost to you.

After this, if you are over 18 you can simply request a change, but you must give your current host family two weeks paid notice. Please ensure to complete the Homestay Variation Form (appendix 1 of your student handbook) and submit it to Auzzie Families. If you wish for Auzzie Families to find you another host family, you will be required to pay another placement fee.

If you are a student under the age of 18, you can only change to another approved host family. You must first seek permission to change from your Learning Institutions and they will advise how to go about this. An approval from them is essential.

If you wish to change to another host family, Auzzie Families can do this for you. Just simply complete the Homestay Variation Form and a placement fee is applicable.

If you wish to live with a relative or family friend, they must first be approved as a nominated family. This process can take up to 6 weeks to be approved. We will advise you/your agent the outcome of the assessment. Should your application for Home Nomination be approved, your current host family must be given two weeks paid notice before leaving.

Most homes in Australia do NOT have air conditioning or central heating, particularly older style homes. If the home is air conditioned, this will usually be in the common areas and not the bedrooms. Generally, fans and heaters will be provided to you. However, fans and heaters must be turned off when you leave the room and should never be left on overnight. The host family will provide you with suitable bedding to ensure you are warm.

If you prefer to stay up late in your room, this is okay, as long as you are quiet. No one appreciates being kept awake at night. Everyone has different sleep and study patterns. You need to work out what works best with your host. Just remember that you need to get up for school/university so studying late at night should not impact on your attendance.

Yes, it is polite to inform your host that you will be going out and when you intend to return. You need to inform your host if you will not be home for any meals in advance (preferably before 3:00pm). Generally, a sleepover is not permitted unless you are over 18 years old and have pre-arranged with your host family on special occasions.

To drive in Australia you must be over 17 years of age and hold a current valid driver’s licence. Auzzie Families suggests that you do not drive a motor vehicle while in Australia.

If you do wish to drive whilst in Australia and you have a drivers licence issued in your home country please seek advice before driving a vehicle in Australia. Please contact the appropriate agency in the state you will be living in. In NSW this is Service NSW and in Queensland this is QLD Transport and Motoring.

  • You cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session (other than work which has been registered as a part of the course). A fortnight means any period of 14 days commencing on a Monday and ending at the end of the second following Sunday.
  • You can work for more than 40 hours per fortnight during recognised vacation periods offered by your education provider.
  • You cannot start paid work until you have started your course in Australia.
  • No work limits apply if you are studying a Masters by research or Doctorate course in Australia.
  • The request for leave needs to be verified with the Learning Institution. Special permission must be obtained if the dates are not within official term breaks. Please present your approved Leave Form from your Learning Institution along with copy of your flight ticket to your host and Auzzie Families.
  • Complete Auzzie Families’ Temporary Leave Form (See Appendix 2 of your student handbook) and ensure it is signed by yourself, parents or guardian if applicable and your homestay host and send the signed form to Auzzie Families at least three weeks prior to your departure.
  • Students who go on holiday for a minimum of 1 week will be required to pay the holiday retainer fee (Please refer to our website for the latest holiday retainer fee). To qualify for the Holiday Retainer Fee, your completed Auzzie Families’ Temporary Leave Form and flight ticket must be submitted to Auzzie Families at least three weeks prior to your travel date to ensure your accommodation is confirmed for your return.
  • Students who wish to return home for holidays must provide a copy of their return flight tickets to verify the dates and destinations and a letter from their parents confirming their agreement for the holiday if they are under 18 years old.

In case of illness or injury, please inform your host immediately. For a minor illness such as flu and cough, please go to your local doctor directly and/or ask your host to take you to see them if they are available. You will be responsible for all costs related to your illness though some of the costs may be claimed back through your health insurance.

For any serious illness, your host family will take you to the local hospital to get emergency care for you. Your host will notify Auzzie Families. Your Learning institution and your agent and/or parents will then be notified immediately. Your health insurance will cover most of the costs associated with the hospital.

You will need to obtain a medical certificate for any time off during your normal school term when visiting a doctor and/or hospital. Please ensure to provide them to your Learning Institution to ensure your attendance is maintained to meet your visa requirements.