Special Notes
  1. VIP Rooms: a standard room plus a private bathroom (subject to availability).
  2. Special Diet Requirement: will incur a fee upon request, with a range of $40 – $80 per week depending on the dietary requirement.
  3. Weekly Internet Fee: Provided internet is strictly for study purposes. A $10 weekly fee applies for movies, streaming, social media and other usage.
  4. Weekday Lunch: An additional $60 weekly fee applies for weekday lunch – Monday to Friday.
  5. Service Fee: All refunds/cancellations/change of homestay status will incur a $135 fee.
  6. Casual Stay: $60 – $80 per night pending on the type of accommodation.
  7. Arriving on a Public Holiday will incur a $150 surcharge. Note the Airport Transfer service is only available within the Sydney metro area.
Conditions for all students & locations
  1. Fees are quoted in Australian dollars (GST inclusive where applicable) per person and are subject to change without notice.
  2. Hosts are generally located up to 60 minutes traveling time to the student’s learning institution. However, under special circumstances this may be extended up to 75 minutes.
  3. International Bank Transfer incurs a $22.00 surcharge and credit card payment incurs 3% of surcharge.
  4. Please note that placement process will not commence until the initial invoice is paid in full. First 4 weeks’ homestay fees are not refundable after arrival. Initial invoice is for 12 weeks homestay fee UNLESS a homestay booking is less than 12 weeks (for 18+ students only) OR the homestay is for a study tour.
  5. If you are an over 18 years old student, the minimum booking for homestay is 4 weeks.
  6. Request for homestay accommodation must be received at least 2 weeks before the student arrival. Urgent bookings will attract a surcharge of $110.00.
  7. Pursuant contract between the host and the student (also referred to as the two weeks’ notice contract), either the host or the student must give at least two weeks’ notice on their intention to terminate the contract prior to the contract being terminated. This notice must be given in writing, and the terminating party must be able to confirm the notice has been received and acknowledged.
  8. Auzzie Families will not be held liable for a breach of the two weeks’ notice contract by either the host or the student. The host and the student are to conduct themselves in good faith and with integrity with respect to all matters referred to and incidental to the two weeks’ notice contract.
  9. Holiday and Leave Retainer: Students pay a discounted weekly homestay fee while they are away from the homestay during the school holiday and/or special leave period.   To be qualified with the Holiday and Leave retainer rate, the following conditions must be met:-
    1. The leave must be more than 7 consecutive nights.
    2. Student must submit the signed Student Leave form along with a copy of flight itinerary or ticket 3 weeks prior to the proposed leave date.
  10. Public Holiday Surcharges: Students wishing to arrive on an Australian public holiday such as Easter, Christmas and New Year will incur an additional surcharge of $150.
  11. All homestay fees are issued on a quarterly basis and must be paid in advance by the due date for the duration of the stay to Auzzie Families. Late payments will attract a $275 administration charge. If payments are not made before the due date, their accommodation arrangements may be terminated.
  12. All complaints must be addressed by referring to our conflict resolution policy available on request.