Home Nomination

Parents of under 18 year old students planning to study in Australia (from year 9 onwards) may wish to nominate a distant relative or close family friend for their children to live with whilst studying in Australia. The procedures for the approval process are:

  • The Application and Parent Nomination for Homestay Application for Approval Form must be completed and pass on to the education providers for approval.
  • Education provider vets the application and if approved, will issue an offer to the student including an invoice for the cost of the Initial Homestay Inspection and Assessment Fee.
  • Initial inspection and assessment fee must be paid before processing can commence. It is a non-refundable fee and does not guarantee the approval of the Home Nomination Application. The general process may take up to 5 weeks depending on the nominated homestay’s availability for home inspection and assessment and how soon all the required documents can be provided to Auzzie Families for approval.
  • Auzzie Families will inspect the nominated homestay and the accommodation and living arrangements must meet Auzzie Families and the education provider’s minimum Homestay Standards.
  • The nominated carer must hold a valid paid employment Working With Children Check. All other family members/boarders aged over 18 years living in the home must hold a valid volunteer Working With Children Check. These checks may take up to 5 weeks to complete. All Working With Children Checks are valid for 5 years from the date of issue in NSW and must be renewed prior to the expiry date.
  • The nominated carer must have an up to date Insurance Policy with 20 million dollars Public Liability and Home Contents cover to the students’ belongings. It is highly recommended that the nominated carer to purchase a HomestayHost Insurance Plus Insurance Policy cover to certain damages caused by the students to your property. Information on this insurance policy will be provided during the inspection and assessment session.
  • If the nominated carer, accommodation and living arrangement meet all the requirements, the Home Nomination application will be recommended and ultimately approved by the Education Provider.
  • If the accommodation and living arrangement does not meet the minimum homestay standards and Education Provider’s requirements, an additional inspection and assessment fee will be issued should the nominated carer wishes to make changes of living arrangement and improvements of the accommodation to meet the minimum standards for a second application.
  • Once the Home Nomination Application is approved, the Education Provider will then issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) form necessary for a student visa.
  • The nominated homestay must be inspected on an annual basis to ensure it continues to meet the standards and all occupant information is current. An annual screening fee applies on students until 18th birthday. Should the nominated carer changes address and this event comes after an annual revisit is completed and prior to the annual inspection due date, an additional inspection fee is applicable.
  • A weekly monitoring fee payable by students for the duration of the stay until 18th birthday to provide support to both the student and nominated carer. Nominated carer is also required to attend the compulsory host training session for the updated legislative changes and refreshment with the homestay rules, common issues and concerns.
  • Any refund of unused prepaid placement, inspection or monitoring fee will incur a service fee.