Auzzie Families will transfer funds directly to your bank account every 2 weeks. We provide host payments on a 2-week cycle

Auzzie Families will manage the payment of homestay fees for all students for the whole duration of their stay. Even if a student extends their stay after the initial booking period or continues to live in the homestay after their 18th Birthday. Host families should not deal with the students directly on money matters with an exception of internet charge for public High School students.

Auzzie Families will confirm the payment details in the student confirmation letter.

The amounts can vary based on:

  1. What meals and amenities you provide
  2. Your location
  3. The age of the guest
  4. The education institution your student attends

Payment amounts will be advised in the student confirmation letter

You do not need to be a native English speaker. However, one of the main objectives of homestay is for students to improve their English speaking skills through homestay and having conversations with the family. English ability will vary between students but all students will speak some English when they arrive. English should be spoken as frequently as possible in the presence of the student.

You must complete the Host application. Auzzie Families review all applications. Once a home inspection, background checks and insurance arrangements are completed, we then begin the process of matching you to the right student for your family. This can happen quickly or may take some time, depending on the demand in your area and whether students match with your lifestyle and preferences.

The students are old enough to manage public transport on their own. We just ask you to show the student how to use it for the first few times. If you are happy to provide students with a lift this is appreciated but not necessary.

Ultimately, it is your choice. When completing the Host Application you can list any preferences. You are never obligated to host any student.

Smoking is more acceptable in some other parts of the world than it is in Australia. You do not have to accept a student who advises they are a smoker. It is your home and smoking will not be tolerated unless you allow it. If a student is a smoker, we ask that they are only allowed to smoke outside of the house and in whatever area you designate. They will be required to clean up after themselves as you request. If any student disrespects your smoking rules, Auzzie Families will help you correct this problem. All students under the age of 18 are NOT permitted to smoke.

Hosts should not provide or allow students of any age (including over 18 year old students) to consume ANY alcohol in the Homestay. The use of any non-prescription drugs is also strictly forbidden.

All proposed holidays must be advised to our office at least two weeks in advance. For students over 18 years old, there are three options:

  1. You are welcome to invite your student to join you on a holiday. If you invite them to come along and don’t plan to pay their way (you are never obligated to pay their way), just let them know in advance what the costs will be so they can decide whether it fits with their budget.
  2. If the student wishes to stay at home and you are happy to leave them at home (over 18 students only) you are still responsible for upholding your hosting duties while you are away. You must let your student/s know in advance. You must provide enough food for the student/s in your absence.
  3. If you want the student to be transferred to a temporary homestay while you are away, a minimum of 2 week notice is required. You may be requested to drop your students to the temporary homestay and collect them on your return. You will be required to pay a placement fee for this temporary homestay arrangement.

If your student is Under 18 they are NOT allowed to stay at home alone. Please contact Auzzie Families immediately and we will arrange a temporary homestay for the student whilst you are away. There may be an option to have an approved adult stay in your home with the student for the entire duration of the holiday at the discretion of Auzzie Families and the relevant Education Provider.

Please try to include your student as much as possible. You are not obligated to include them in everything. The Homestay Fees will help to cover costs. If you don’t want to absorb the expense of a meal out or an outing, please talk with your student before going out. Advise what the approximate cost will be for them and allow them to decide whether or not they would like to go with the family. Showing a student around and giving them new experiences can be beneficial for everyone. So don’t miss an opportunity to be a great host and give your student something to remember! Should the student decide to stay at home, a regular meal must be provided for the student.

Firstly, it is important to communicate with the student and see if you can resolve the issues. If the problem continues, please contact our office. We will try to mediate, or if we need to we will contact the student’s parents and/or agent. The last option is to move the student to another homestay, which normally requires two weeks notice unless under extreme circumstances.

Students who wish to have their belongings stored for them and their room kept available while they go away on holidays must pay the homestay family a holiday retainer for the period that they will be away (calculated on a weekly base only).No internet fee applies during holiday periods.

All members of the family in Australia share the responsibility of making sure the household runs smoothly. A homestay student is expected to live as a part of the family and expected to help with chores around the house. This usually consists of the student keeping their own room clean, as well as tidying up after themselves in the common areas. Students can also be asked to help clear the table, wash the dishes or other light chores. This is expected of students regardless of their age or gender. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their own room clean & this should be supervised regularly by the host.

Some students will prefer to do their own washing, whilst others are quite happy for the host family to wash their clothes and linen. Students should always be expected to take care of their own ironing. It is best for the student and host to discuss the washing arrangements right at the beginning of the stay, so that everyone understands the procedure. Students must be reminded to NEVER hang wet washing in their bedrooms or use the clothes dryer without permission. It is advisable for hosts to supervise that students wash their bed linen at least fortnightly.

This is actually one of the most common issues faced by our hosts when teenage students are involved. Below are some ideas as to how you can help with this situation:

  1. Make sure you have carbohydrates as the main part of the student’s meal – rice, pasta, potato etc. As students have very different foods back at home, they tend to over-eat when it comes to Australian meals.
  2. Asian students feel a meal is not complete unless it includes rice! A rice cooker is a good investment when hosting Asian students. It’s easy to cook up some rice to go with your evening meals.
  3. Try to get the student to eat slowly and encourage them to improve their table manners. Some students may never eat normally as a family, so this could be a new experience for them.
  4. Some European students are use to a much heavier diet coming from colder climates.

We usually suggest in this situation that you have a meal already prepared that the student just needs to heat up when they are hungry. Make sure that the student knows how to use the microwave to be able to do this. You can also discuss prior with your student & they may like to have takeaway food.

It is compulsory for students to take out their own health insurance before coming to Australia.

In case of illness or injury, the student must be examined or treated by a health professional or a hospital. The student is responsible for all costs incurred.

Underage homestay students are not permitted to travel interstate alone unless the student is going with the homestay family or an approved school excursion. Their parents need to provide written approval to DE International with the exception of any students wishing to travel with their parents or blood relatives. They are required to get approval from the Education Provider.