This protocol is to promote transparency and open communication between hosts and students. We seek to listen carefully and act quickly in resolving any disputes in a fair manner. In complaint resolution we will act as mediators seeking to resolve the dispute amongst the initial parties.

It applies to all staff, host families registered with Auzzie Families Homestay Care (“AFHC”), students in particular under 18 years of age, their agents and their education providers and their parents. It applies to all work performed and duties carried out for the organisation and its activities and on behalf of the organisation.

To initiate a complaint you can contact us during business hours and give your contact details and provide clear concise complaint details, it is important to have supporting evidence, documentation or receipt/invoices etc.

Auzzie Families Homestay Care
Ph (02) 8328 8499
Emergency After Hours Assistance Only
  1. We will contact you by either phone or an email to discuss your complaint asking you to confirm or explain any details. If it seems appropriate we will suggest a meeting at this stage. We will also confirm the name and status of the person who will be dealing with your complaint.
  2. We will then open [create] a file for your complaint, record your complaint in our complaints register and investigate your complaint. All evidences and both parties’ statements and supporting documents are to be examined.
  3. We will strive through mediation and stay committed to resolve the complaint until reaching a satisfactory outcome. We may invite you to discuss your complaint in person. If you would prefer not to meet, or a meeting is inconvenient, we will continue to act as mediators using all available communication media available ensuring our approach to the complaint, and any redress we feel to be appropriate is understood.
  4. Within 2 days of any meeting, we will issue an email to confirm any agreements and, where appropriate, offer an apology, reduction in bill or a repayment or invoice of outstanding fees or advanced payment returns.
  5. At this stage, if you are still not satisfied, please let us know. We will then escalate your complaint to the Managing Director and arrange to review our decision. The review might involve:
    1. A meeting with by someone in the AFHC who has not been involved in the complaint;
    2. If after all avenues have been exhausted an agreement has not been reached AFHC will stand by its decision in the first instance.
    3. If you are still not satisfied then we will advise you as to where you can get further advice.
  6. The homestay contract requires two-week notice by either parties. Special consideration may be given to the student at the Managing Director’s discretion and a relocation fee may be applied to either party.
  7. AFHC staff and the directors acknowledge privacy obligations as outlines pursuant to both state and federal privacy legislations. On this basis, AFHC will immediately destroy any unsolicited photographs and audio/visual media that are provided to it.
  8. AFHC staff and the directors have adopted the anti-discrimination policy which encompasses age, disability, gender, religion or ethnic background. This protocol is compliant with state and federal anti-discrimination legislation.
  9. AFHC staff and the directors are fully aware of their obligations pursuant to the state and federal Child Protection legislation.